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PEP The Stud (r)

Chapter 1*

              Den had spotted a glufite warrior on his tracker he'd found the thor walking stick as told and wanted a mission he banged it down while clasping hard he transformed at once the stick became war hammer he rotated it swung upwards and it led him into the skies reaching the mysterious islands in a flash he landed and disguised as a sailor took to the sea hoping to trap a glufite but there on the high seas the queen mary liner appeared out of the blue sunshine and to through some sort of black portal supergirl was there she headed for the ship in no time she reappeared carrying a fellow off.

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    the spirit rage

    The Eternal Self
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        Then 98 appeared living in benwell malcolm from whitley bay found us he'd parked across the road in a council van and  I couldn't believe it  his usual self but saying he'd heard stranglers records blasting out o'yes I thought pluriling the van go. anyway me and sue were off soon after world cup presented tv license dodger men and I'd refound bruce lee to

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    * Mysteries and Self Healing  * logical end of aging  

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    i 2.the favourite beers list bottles of SOL, a GUINNESS GOLDEN, several BREEZERS BACCARDI BACKED UP WITH MORE TONICS, 2, Spirits, slow,
    1. SOL
    2. GUINNESS Draught
    4. schwepps TONICS
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    Paint Tin

    Bending a little primrose plain bending a into the dark bates news opens flower and she paws in game till now. baker notices a beer stack and needs to pull a ring forcing a hand he uses 6, to stall a as she wonders the plough reigns in and reaches through the dark passages she'd 'left a bit. baker, yes jane, what did plane tell you, she said that you may as well give it to us, have you told them yes what else is new, nothing at all thats a nice lie did you enjoy hurting lilly no
    2 - and in walks a lil old man baker A, who says you're a doing it all wrong Jane you pomp's pussy o'what do you like like no pecks my little plane and what about the rings lilly, shut up yuh little prat or i'll have you mowed down. if you don't lift it, thats, for christmas and, she's not an easy lay do you understand i'm not ZOe here, either way 'n ( .mightman ) jane wants more than words today
    CCC7 Creds...[8.8. 12- UL -
    • st' nicholus's waiter
    • school boy
    • maxines mam
    the further study.  the bording school was moved to javan there were neighboring islands on both sides the plane landed safely however norma ran things on the island and took charge of the girls who needed to be quick coz of all the wild animals roaming
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