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PEP The Story (r)

Chapter 1
  instead well go to javan island hears told the girls before the flight - Lewi was out with dover patrol leader G'ene had it all written down loading the gaschamber file along beach head we see clare to a running in the surf before canes journey - a string of options ,the chess games ,the headboard ,one liner failing all that a long list cane burst in he'd sailed from liverpool port northwards around to the northern seas where he stopped at an island location for some free trade after leaving he was expected in the sluice coastal area to make his service destination the hawkers were seen . Several more interesting parts then we find out Cane has survived and found land having the gold currency with him he quickly made friends only meeting Bade is a cloudy issue both addressed locally you understand, from time to time you see Bade following passages. Rules weren't meant to be broken but who was he talking to and obviously he was an alien which is so strange The Office kept pouring it out there's the runaway CHAPTER 2  - a wayne services module seen installed on shoreside able to go under the rock for incoming waves during tide rise ruby fort back a quieter her ideas that the sea would slip beneath crevice stir for now
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the further study.  the bording school was moved to javan there were neighboring islands on both sides the plane landed safely however norma ran things on the island and took charge of the girls who needed to be quick coz of all the wild animals roaming
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talk - OK The time patch% during the day it never rained, it seemed that way lonely in the manor not so things had happened not over night since crig had dug in lots of usful links would show up
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