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News appeared next on a put there L E D shot so we hit the internet café

ECBF1 > 0 C[] Brookside  CROAD  KICK-START The big game was off with the weekend left open now was the time Cane knew where to go and made for it. Still monday earned in. Up at dawn ready and out by the clock, to the peer. What a day a fully ladened ship a full crew and time to sail at hand.  The detour ment a delay Cane had received a signal from a new charted island  From the old tank hand  built the diary
Sprouts had reached success in no time So I shoved in inches away What was big lets take a look. a new lounge, no the UL  tea I bust up.
scouts gretal would have i' d laugh only I used to be one. Bret Boy remember him I took him as the signal to leave Scouts gretal just sit tight to that oh, stool if you like, Once I get round you could here and hear do the two of you know that yet flashbacks there's a big name for the two of you. English lessons how about that mine little Anne history there's a big shot let me expand I'd play truant you know and in early days there was a school board man he'd force his way into the house chase us out windows and over roof tops and belted off the head when caught, . A bigger story's little boy blue fixture I still don't understand the bullying, you'll understand a little later