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PEP The Story (r)

Chapter 1
  Baker who'd sat in the cafe was joined by denis he'd retrieved this page on his trial and revealed the details over a chocolate liqure along the prom the deckchair guard ( steven hudson  of tynemouth ) had one day while at work talking over tides with baker had offered him a pen marker to signature his wholley covered wall painted names in colours from a pack of lads he knew the only place left was on top of the lot thinking on the kings school he drew his school name steve on top and looked denis wanted more and asked baker there what he knew about the queen mary; jimmy the blonde had a french polishing shop up behind whitley road I  told him  he knew things like that then he took off quick. julie has a flat over the road in the lane behind the city I'll call over baker thinks maybe phone jtb up next,. baker mann christ he says yes denis was in a little time ago shopping I showed him a good walking stick I'd recently bought in featonbys and polished he was suprised saying he went in the rendevous cafe for a quick chocolate drink and saw you there to the last time was 25 years ago any how he buys the stick and took off
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  • st' nicholus's waiter
  • school boy
  • maxines mam
the further study.  the bording school was moved to javan there were neighboring islands on both sides the plane landed safely however norma ran things on the island and took charge of the girls who needed to be quick coz of all the wild animals roaming
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 a central location
talk -  The time patch%  I can't tell you everything., you must know that.
under the parallel times
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