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fold,                                    space Special... my poetry selection . .infiltrate like I fool the big like I do feed off the drive pulls in fast. Then I arranged some smiling so on.
fold - ED,

ADH4AAll the books I read focused me Colin Wilson won the shelf that library can restore for these kids readers and Davi d Cavandish was usfull along with Ab Do Ru Sui, and Dr Paul Bruntons lengthy reads all this time lewi was playing the guitars and bass forruz he lived there by now and I had to have Clare in case I made it She kept comeing in with hardly any clothes on so I could settle it after Debbie ran out on uz at Julies our Eddies lover I prefered Clare so it was ok lewi's Peter and george and Michael kept in with him after Maurice's help Clare used him to see me and well thats all there is to it today Lewi kept freaking out it sort of disturbed me the kind that has no problems remedy, but acid reign was all in the music seek Burnel and jj who caused us to travel well quite frankly all over Europe even with the girl inn. She seen to it by sporting him out it didn't really matter coz he wasn't known - where's he been a window cleaner till then here They had to start t akeing heroin the only way to succeed in the music alley, see madonna, so a settion was arranged for me so I could bet jerry Hall would be dead by the time I was seen without Normans hands he's the wreck in charge of business gas how eye fiddler this is it and known for a long time right or rit After heroin t hey managed to play to the standard for cry baby to join in whilst I won the wild geese of look over the hill nothing matters in this game that isn't known c ars geordie has One idea its his lass and we rule the world forever and likely we won thats how we'll write it now steve's shown wuh there's no point in spending time on this topic because it only leads to glory and thats abbas ask the ernest hutchinson how he's doing paddy devlin'll star he hates muppet to, so Abba abba or come on eastwood broon ale scene next issue 2 space!

space one NEWS: : Martha greeted at Market Gates ...Mary sent the magdalins