OSX Written by nile

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  •         BFA6A2     Look g'ene sez and there in the middle of the gas chamber everybody paused to take a look, they watched the Ship unloaded its cargo and the 4, crew members went off in the car with the gallant workers. Now she got up and the other three followed down to the shores edge where there was a long boat they got in and rowed over ahoy anyone aboard Cane hears and rushes to the port of vessel kids what the hell waddaygh want? a fickle quick zip over mouth finds the captain layen in a rest area with g'ene who'd introduced hemp cramp listening to the gasman tape the boys had let off for hull. What a story girl shush now don't spoil things for now the tape played on it wound out a time travel tale the dialog was rich captivating and amusing the start finds baker deserted by world intent he faces a nasty set piece which unfolds as tides roll in and out. Later in the night a tight sea fret one of the boys crys out to the captain g'ene meets it first the tides carried us out we're adrift out at sea. No cane darts to nearest computer followed by the four. seeing someone else had been on the computers he masks in a new course to wayne harbour at knotted speed. they return asking questions in area the anchor had been raised and denied suming up they chat about it together while the night goes on. finding daylight soon with no sign of land cane fills in drone delivery forms to as a fail safe and wonders with them over breakfast.ABN8 Before they knew it cane had stole out in the night and left them aboard