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Talking and Production masked up read.. Rolls Rolls man - 2001 Bars


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A0M5Xaddressed to none-the-less a box arrived nowSTEEL DOOR| LESSONS |THE CAST|

It was 1999 page - 1 |

i'd began playing britney spears records in the bars jukebox in an effort to reach appeal and it did uz a lot of good but god help sue they didn't like it however I needed to know what it was their sairs. Sue got bleaten no way around it which wasn't cool but I'd studied the size of the audience and needed fryed. Nobody wondered about britney it was lonely but gaga broke a feet. sue would be eager to tell you all about the date she's quick but not as quick as me I saw gwen stefeni here and brit to thats more like those times then although I like gweny styles and it shows on at least one of my tunes britney had hidden power but its back . A,