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Chuhdualle school was now closed down. The girls were off to summer see Ester in the Vale up north and packed into platform 1 hurrying each little speech together in and out of shops Sids main hope was watching the train station cam for ciggeret smokers to raise alarm on mike if he saw any, when the train pulled away he noticed a girl had been left somehow, he stuck on a note for sid to see a raced off before he got there by the time sid got in he was left to view cam showing empty platform 1's area L'ANA explained Sid understood shook his head slowly revealing that was the only train out of the station till monday. She ran to the phone box. Sid watched the whole time, a frightfully long and dramatic phone call,, Sid waited then she sprang from the box sort of gasping too. telling him to that uncle would arrive by tuesday, but then thinking straight she says saturday for her to make a rendervue at skyfield with the school. calling gloves a uncle he'd arrive on time full of plans. Sid had been lead on terribly by then and could only watch her leaves its a fine romance that leads us to the wellmoviemanor where mud opens a bording school lets land to the navy and makes music over the hill. mud turns business mad and around that time ( the parallel times ) history begins its opening chords and choruses.. the 1st, voyage -